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Secure Bids

Pre-qualify appointments before ever stepping foot in the door.  How many windows? How many square feet? What type of materials is the homeowner hoping for? These and so many other questions answered before ever placing the car in drive.

Premium Membership

Silver and Gold plans provide many benefits beyond the simple free profile. The ability to chat with potential leads in real-time to answer any questions or schedule an at-home visit. Become a Verified BallparkME Pro to create trust from potential customers as well as premium placement within the site and instant notifications on potential new bids.

Ready To Purchase

Customers are turning to the internet more and more to help simplify their remodeling process. These homeowners are looking to make a buying decision but sometimes just need a little guidance to help them feel comfortable with their decision. That’s where we come in. Pros are able to work directly with a homeowner who has already received realistic price conditioning.

Simple Interface

Our design is simple and straightforward for any customer regardless of how much time they typically spend in front of a PC or tablet.  Homeowners price a project based off industry wide average pricing, then look for a reputable pro to help them move forward with the work. Pros can quickly navigate to our projects page and place pre-site inspection bids and schedule an appointment right from the comfort of their home.

Real-Time Messaging

Homeowners can communicate with you directly in real-time to help answer any questions they may have and to build confidence and trust in you as their project manager. Move the conversation offline into a phone call or schedule an appointment with them directly to sit down and go over their options.

Project Photos

We like to believe info is king.  The more info you have prior to visiting a homeowner at their home, the better prepared you or your team can go into that appointment with a game plan and speed up the buying process.  Besides having specific project details of the work the customer is looking to receive, homeowners can upload project photos to give you a better understanding if this is a project your comfortable with tackling.